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A Change of Perspective

This morning, I realise why progress on Spirit of Water has been so painful: Dom's voice doesn't suit itself to a first person point of view (POV).

Unlike Body of Water and Memory of Water, told from Leven's and Shaun's POV respectively, Dom doesn't have much to say. Sure, he's got stuff going on in his head, but it's not enough to carry the final book in the trilogy.

With that in mind, I'm switching to third person point of view (limited). The story still follows Dom and what happens from his perspective, but I, the narrator, am outside of the story and relating the his experiences.

Here's an example:

Leven, twisting through the water in Teran’s hold. Out of Dom's reach. Leven, turning through the water. Out of Dom's protection.

London bends, then snaps. A city against Teran’s not a fair fight. The water’s packed tight with shattered stone, bent metal, and broken menfolk. Teran’s vast blackness blurs into the distance, taking hope with it.

That's going to give me a lot more flexibility in terms of language and enable me to finish this book. Finally.

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